Meet Our Pack

  • CH kristari’s Roses In The Snow (Emmylou) – born 3/8/2019: a very smart girl with unusually long attention span. In everything we do, Emmylou is always laser focused which makes her very easy to train. She is gentle and quiet dog that loves to work. She is easygoing and good with just about anything. In harness, she is dedicated to the job; on the leash, she is obedient; and in the ring her smooth weightless movement attracted the attention of many fans. Emmylou seem perfect in every way, she never fails to amaze me.
    • Sire: CH Kristari’s Timeless Theory At Mysticlight
    • Dam: Kristari’s Brooklyn
    • OFA hips 8/6/2021 # SH-21559E28F-PI – excellent
    • OFA eyes 9/13/2021 – normal

  • GCHCH Kristari’s All I Wanna Do Is Boogaloo (Ringo) – born 4/28/2017: Ringo is a very special dog with many cute nick names – Baby Dog, Doggie Woggie, Ringo Dingo Doo. He is very dear to our hearts. Ringo finished his AKC championship before turning 18 months. In 2021, after his return into the ring since the COVID break, he finished his AKC grand champion title.
    • Sire: Kristari’s Just Cruisin
    • Dam: CH Kristari’s Ginger Snap
    • OFA hips 8/4/2021 # SH-21554G50M-PI – good
    • OFA eyes 9/13/2021 – normal
  • Meluzina’s Midnight Whiteout (Ghost) – born 11/23/2021: a keeper from our first litter Ringo x Emmylou.

  • Meluzina’s Cosmic Love (Nala) – born 11/23/2021: also a keeper from our first litter Ringo x Emmylou.

  • Meluzina’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Lucy) – born 11/23/2021: also a keeper from the first litter we produced.

  • Missy Maple Leaf (Maple) – born 3/27/2011: It all began with Maple, our first Siberian Husky. Head strong with alpha personality. Loves walks on the leash, is calm in nature, acting very sophisticated. Maple participated in AKC dog shows and canicross. With Maple, we learned the beginnings of some of the competitive dog sports.
  • Keuka’s Black Frost Chase the Brave, CGC (Chase) – born 4/24/2011: We brought home Chase from Cleveland, Ohio. Chase is Maple’s companion, as they grew up together. He participated in racing and helped to win a gold medial in our very first dry land spring race on a scooter in 2014.

Past Dogs:

Sadie – RIP 6/1/2012 – 8/29/2022
  • Lauradale’s Sunny Day (Sadie) – Sadie started out as co-owed by us and her breeder. We brought Sadie home as a show dog. However, she turned out to not be much of a show girl at all. She had an amazing stamina, and desire to run. Sadie was a lead dog and reliable trainer of all our other dogs; she participated in all scooter races we attended.
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