For a long time, we used to feed our dogs commercially made dry dog food. Couple of years ago, we learned about the benefits of adding fresh ingredients to the dog’s diet from friends. This topic certainly created a debate in our household. We decided to try it and add some raw ingredients to our dog’s food. Soon, we began to see amazing transformation, especially in the older dogs. They seemed to have a lot more energy, their coats were thick, darker, and shiny. Eventually, the ratio of raw to dry was growing until one day we realized, it took us nearly three months to go through the 50lb bag of dry food as we were adding so little anymore. At this time, we feed exclusively raw animal products, cooked vegetables, and small amounts of healthy carbohydrates.

It is hard to find reliable unbiased information on the market today about the right diet for dogs. I recently come across the book pictured above, it was such a discovery! This is a true masterpiece to me as the author provides true data based on real research over a long period of time. It only helped to affirm the later ideas of feeding our dogs. Very good read for anyone who wishes to explore the dog’s diet far beyond the shelves of local pet stores.

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