About Us

  • Meluzina Siberians is owed by Jitka Standish and Chris Newman. The small family kennel is located in Northern New Jersey. It is, at this time, a home to eight Siberians.
  • Meluzina is a word derived from the Czech language; it is a descriptive term for the musical sound that wind makes blowing through trees in the winter. Our kennel started in 2011, when we brought home our first Siberian Husky – Maple. In the beginning, we were just looking for a family dog. Because the Siberian Husky is a snow loving, active dog, and at the time we lived in Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes area with lots of snow in the winter, the breed was just perfect for us. Having two active kids, loving hiking, exploring, and biking, the Siberian Husky was definitely the right fit for us. We quickly fell in love with the breed, and over time expanded our dog family. After relocating to New jersey in 2012, we continue to enjoy many activities with our dogs, including conformation and dry land dog sledding (on a scooter). We are active members of local clubs and participate in sled dog demonstrations and public education. But for the most part, we love and spoil our dogs.
  • In November 2021 we had a litter of puppies out of Ringo and Emmylou, and we kept three of the offspring, substantially adding to our pack. It was an amazing journey to raise puppies, we had so much fun with it! However, at this time, we do not plan to breed on regular basis. On a rare occasion, in the future we may produce a litter of puppies.

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